I'm typically not the type of guy that looks to partner as I prefer doing things myself. That being said, Robert and Dallin's offer was very compelling. They completely financed the remodel of my 42-unit complex and completely turned the performance around. I now am getting paid more money than I ever thought was possible from my units and I know that the property is in good hands. The partnership has worked out so well that I'm currently looking into purchasing an additional 100+ units with them.

Mark Robbins -- partner on 69 units

I have worked with them for years and every project has turned out for me. They really know what they are doing and they are good to work with.

Neil Bullock -- partner on 39 units

I have represented [Robert and Dallin] on multiple purchases. My clients love how competitive they are in their offers. I love that they close every single time. I have enjoyed our relationship and hope to do more with them in the future.  

Brock Zylstra -- agent at Marcus and Millichap


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ROBERT: (801) 462-1910

DALLIN: (435) 770-2289